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Lesson 1 &2 : Topics covered under Basics and Opportunities in Share Market:
This vedio gives the clarity to the below questions

1. How to choose stock to trade and invest?
2. What is SEBI And there functions?
3.Where do i need to find stock related informations?
4. From where do i need to buy stocks?
5. What is Share?
6. How to Earn in this share market?
7. Is it possible to become professional in Share market?
8. Can i Overcome my loss and fear by trading in Share market?
9. Is there any losses Facing problem in Share market?
10. What is Demat account?
11. How much can i earn in Share market?
12. How to earn daily in share market?
13. Overview of Share market?
14. After buying these Video course Can i trade individually?
15. What is Equity?
16. What is commodity?
17. What is mcx?
18. What are the accounts required to trade?
19. What is investor/trader?
20. Websites for researching companies?

Lesson 3 : Topics covered under Market Analysis/Knowledge:
1. This gives the clarity to analyse the market using websites?
2. How to check companies results,announcments, and reflesction’s in market by thses activites and how to trade using this announcments ?

Lesson 4 : Topics covered under Technical Analysis:
1.Trend Analysis
2.Chart Analysis
3.Support and Resistance
4.Chart Pattern Analysis
5.Multiple Time Frame
6.Trend Line and channels
7.How to keep stop loss using tools
8.Usage of tools to take entry and exit in share market
a) RSI b) Hull moving average c) Super trend d)Bollinger’s band
e)Renko f)Ichimoko clouds g)Parabollic SAR

Lesson 5 : Topics covered under Candlestick Analysis:
1. What does a candlestick actually represents?
2. Types of candlestick patterns?
3. Why we use candlestick?
4. How to take entry and exit using candlestick?

Lesson 6 : Topics covered under Tricks and tips to earn in intraday:

  Our Real Time Trading Profit and Loss ScreenShot Attachment         profits_loss

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