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  • It is designed for the people who is interested to learn share market and earn from the share market.
  • This gives the clear cut idea of the market ,how does the market works, how the market movement decides the index and Sensex.
  • To give the awareness of the Indian stock market opportunities to the people and making them to choose this as a carrier
  • This a recorded video course which contains 3 hours duration and 3 stages which is from basic level there will be two topics and advance level two topics and finally two topics which covers tricks and tips and the 20 reference books of the best authors.
  • This video course makes the people to trade Indidually without anyone’s guidance.
  • Share market is a huge topic but in this course we have covered the modules of the intraday trading here anyone can earn from Rs.500-Rs.1000 using simple tricks and tips.
  • This course is a recorded course and it is fully explained in Tamil

Course Topics

Beginners Level

Basics of Share market 1 of 2
Opportunities in Share Market 2 of 2

Advanced Level

Market Analysis/Knowledge 1 of 3
Technical Analysis 2 of 3
Candlestick Analysis 3 of 3


Tricks and tips to earn in intraday 1 of 2
Materials for Reference 2 of 2

Course Description

Lesson 1 &2 : Topics covered under Basics and Opportunities in Share Market:

This video gives the clarity to the below questions

  • How to choose stock to trade and invest?
  • What is SEBI And there functions?
  • Where do i need to find stock related informations?
  • From where do i need to buy stocks?
  • What is Share?
  • How to Earn in this share market?
  • Is there any losses Facing problem in Share market?
  • Can i Overcome my loss and fear by trading in Share market?
  • What is Demat account?
  • How much can i earn in Share market?
  • How to earn daily in share market?
  • Overview of Share market?
  • After buying these Video course Can i trade individually?
  • What is Equity?
  • What is commodity?
  • What is mcx?
  • What are the accounts required to trade?
  • What is investor/trader?
  • Websites for researching companies?

Lesson 3 : Topics covered under Market Analysis/Knowledge:

  • This gives the clarity to analyse the market using websites?
  • How to check companies results,announcments, and reflesction’s in market by thses activites and how to trade using this announcments ?

Lesson 4 : Topics covered under Technical Analysis:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Chart Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Chart Pattern Analysis
  • Multiple Time Frame
  • Trend Line and channels
  • How to keep stop loss using tools
  • Usage of tools to take entry and exit in share market
    • a) RSI
    • b) Hull moving average
    • c) Super trend
    • d)Bollinger’s band
    • e)Renko
    • f)Ichimoko clouds
    • g)Parabollic SAR
  • How to keep stop loss using tools
  • How to keep stop loss using tools
  • How to keep stop loss using tools

Lesson 5 : Topics covered under Candlestick Analysis:

  • What does a candlestick actually represents?
  • Types of candlestick patterns?
  • Why we use candlestick?
  • How to take entry and exit using candlestick?

Lesson 6 : Topics covered under Tricks and tips to earn in intraday:

  • These gives step by step procedure to take entries and to take profit without loss.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How to take a course?

    After purchasing course the user id & password will be created to login the course.

  • What is this course all about?

    This course is for people who wishes to begin a carrier in share market and who want to earn in share Market.

  • Who can join the share market course?

    Anyone can join the course minimum qualification 12th and basic computer knowledge.

  • What can I expect after completing the course?

    After completion of course you will develop a good understanding about share market and how to trade in intraday market.

  • How is the course taught?

    Our share market course is offered through recorded video.

  • What is the duration of the course, and in what language the course will be available?

    This a recorded video course which contains 3hours duration and 3stages which is from basic level there will be two topics and advance level two topics and finally two topics which covers tricks and tips and the 20 reference books of the best authors.

  • Can I Download the video?

    Unfortunately NO, you will have 3 months of access to the video, so downloading them is not Mandatory.

  • How can I get my doubts cleared?

    After completion of course videos, the participant can record a voice note through what’s up and can get clarified.

  • After finishing the video course, If I want to join the Advance level Class means what is the procedure?

    You can contact the Administrator.

  • After completion of course, if I want to open a demat a/c can I contact the team?

    Yes, we will guide you to open the best Demat a/c .

Features And Benefits

  • Learn to trade yourself without anyone’s guidance.

  • Earn minimum of Rs. 500-1000 per day using tricks.

  • After purchasing the video you will be getting free customized scanner worth of Rs. 3000

  • Additionally our profit and loss screenshot is attached for your reference.

click here to open Profit and loss screenshot PDF